The Exoneration of Guy Paul Morin – Part 1

On January 23, 1995, Guy Paul Morin was acquitted in the murder of his 9 year old neighbor Christine Jessop. His 10 year legal battle finally came to an end when new DNA technology proved that he wasn’t responsible for the brutal killing and sexual assault of Christine.

Christine disappeared from her home on October 3, 1984, shortly after she was dropped off by a school bus in front of her house in Queensville, Ontario.  Queensville is a small farming town about one hour north of Toronto and the disappearance shocked the community.


Nine-year-old Christine Jessop disappeared on October 3, 1984


Christine’s body was found nearly three months later in a desolate field more than 50 kms from her home.  An autopsy would determine that she had been stabbed in the chest.  She had also been sexually assaulted.  Here is a CBC news report that aired after the discovery.

Police soon focused on Christine’s neighbour Guy Paul Morin. Christine’s mom had mentioned that he was weird and others had commented that Morin didn’t help with the search for Christine or attend her funeral.

Guy Paul Morin was arrested on April 22, 1985.  Police interrogated him all night before parading him in front of the media with wrinkled clothes and tired eyes.  This was a very high profile case for Durham Regional Police which didn’t even have an official Homicide Squad.


Guy Paul Morin Arrest Canadian Podcast.jpg
24-year-old Guy Paul Morin after his arrest by Durham Regional Police Detectives Fitzpatrick and Shepherd

Before his trial, Morin was held in jail where an undercover police officer was planted in his cell.  The officer would later testify that he asked Morin how he handles stress and then Morin said “I just redrum the innocent.”  Redrum is from the movie The Shining and spells murder backwards.

Two other inmates also told authorities that Morin broke down one night and confessed to killing Christine.  Both men were known liars with anti-social behavior but their testimony would eventually be used to convict Morin.




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