The Ipperwash Crisis – Part 2

It took years to unravel what really happened at Ipperwash Provincial Park in September 1995.  Dudley George was shot dead by police after heavily armed officers marched to the park to confront a small group of First Nations protestors who were occupying the park.


OPP officers outside Ipperwash Provincial Park before they were given the order to remove First Nations protestors


The day after George was shot and killed by Ontario Provincial Police, the head of the OPP issued a written statement. The OPP said officers were pelted with rocks and sticks and as they prepared to leave the area two vehicles broke through the fence and came toward the officers. Officers were then fired upon from the vehicles and fearing for their safety they returned fire fatally injuring George

Protestors told a somewhat different story.  They said they drove the vehicles at police in an effort to save a First Nations man who was being beaten by police after he approached officers in an effort to negotiate.  And they said none of the protestors fired a weapon.

Ten months after the shooting the Special Investigations Unit decided to charge OPP Acting Sergeant Kenneth Deane in connection with George’s death.  During that time rumors began to circulate at Queen’s Park that Premier Mike Harris had pressured the OPP to get the protestors out of the park at any cost.


ken-deane cropped 2
OPP Acting Sergeant Kenneth Deane was charged in connection with the death of  Dudley George

This episode looks back at Kenneth Deane’s criminal case and the public inquiry that was held to determine if there was in fact any political inference.

Again, thanks to Author Peter Edwards for his contribution to this episode.  His book One Dead Indian was instrumental in having an inquiry called into this matter.



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